Portraiture was frequent, Olympia amongst the most famous Manet paintings of all. Others would capture daily life in French cafes or small theatres, a lifestyle which still appeals internationally in the modern day.

A Bar at the Folies Bergeres captures this type of French scene, whilst Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe provides an example of some of his work outside.

Manet's enjoyment of colour can be found on several occasions in detailed, elaborate clothing such as in The Fifer. There are also horse racing scenes which remind us so much of Degas.

The portrait of Berthe Morisot makes use of large dark regions which goes against the impressionists with who he was strongly linked at that time.

In truth, much of his work was indeed impressionist but he still preferred to distance himself from this group of artists in most cases.

The rise of the impressionists and their popularity today has aided Manet's own reputation. Many will see him entirely as part of that group, but in truth he was more of a peripheral figure whose work had clear influences from them.